Bobby Barros

Bobby Barros

Salon Owner
From cutting and styling doll hair in his youth to owning and running one of the most successful salons in Coral Gables, Bobby Barros’ professional experience in the beauty industry expands over 34 years. His passion for cosmetology and providing each client that walks through the doors of Ecstasy Salon with a memorable and positive experience have helped him, and his team, become renowned within the industry as true professionals.
Bobby takes tremendous pride and joy in helping his clients look and feel their best, each time they visit his salon. He has refined his skill set with numerous courses and certifications and works to always remain on the cutting-edge of trends and technology to offer the highest quality in service to his clients. Since 1991, when Ecstasy Salon and Spa’s doors first opened, he has hand-picked a team of truly talented hairstylists, colorists, nail specialists and more to create the signature sophisticated yet welcoming environment that makes Ecstasy Salon so different than the rest.

Gio Miranda

Whether it is through professional makeup services or advanced hair color and cut techniques, Gio Miranda has been dedicated to giving each client that sits in his chair a completely unique experience. Following extensive training in Florida and California and throughout his years in the industry, working with international companies such as Redken, Goldwell and Rusk, he has found a specialty in color correction, treatments and relaxers, as well as event and editorial makeup.
Gio’s passion for makeup and hair transformations drives him to grow his skillset while staying on the cutting edge of style and perfecting his own signature techniques.
Gio Miranda

Miguel Allen

With over 22 years alongside Bobby Barros, owner of Ecstasy Salon and Spa, Miguel has grown his skills and developed his own style and techniques to become an incredibly talented and highly recognized stylist.
His dedication and experience make him a priceless asset to Ecstasy Salon and all of its clients.

Lissette Montenegro

A highly educated stylist with over fifteen years of experience, Lissette strives for complete client satisfaction by providing thorough consultation services and excellent customer support to each of her clients.
Through her attention to detail and proven skills as a stylist, she has built a large and faithful clientele at Ecstasy Salon and Spa and has become highly sought after for her expertise in long layering techniques, customized highlights and formal styles.

Caridad Barros

My name is Charity Barros and I was born in Matanzas, Cuba. I arrived in the United States (Miami, FL) on June 2, 1994 and since then I have been working at Ecstasy Salon Spa in beautiful Coral Gables, Florida. When I first started it was at the shampoo bowl since the language did not allow me to take another position.
In 1996 after taking some courses in English, I took on the responsibility of managing the front desk at the salon. I enjoy working the front desk because I am a sociable person and it pleases me to attend to those who need our services. My goal is to keep growing and becoming more experienced in working the front desk and to give my best to all our clients.

Niurka Valdez

While Niurka’s specialties lie in achieving the best color results while maintaining the integrity and health of her clients’ hair, her attentive and honest work ethic are what makes her truly shine as a stylist.
Her skills and experience working with companies like L’Oreal, Redken, Kerastase and Goldell have made her a force within the industry, building a loyal client base confident in her talents and superior service.  

Gerardo Trujillo

Although Gerardo possesses over twenty years of experience in the cosmetology industry, his passion for his work has driven him to continuously work to increase his training, improve his technique and continue to grow his already impressive set of skills.
As a hairstylist at Ecstasy Salon and Spa for the past twelve years, Gerardo has helped countless clients discover the hair they have dreamed of with his genuine love of what he does and ever growing industry knowledge.

Lazara Perez

Nail Specialist
As a nail specialist with nearly a decade of experience working at prestigious Coral Gables salons, Lazara Perez helps make each client’s experience at Ecstasy Salon a positive one.
With a skill set refined over years of experience and a dedication to her profession that includes staying informed of the latest techniques and treatments available, Lazara brings each of her clients the perfect blend of talent and experience

Milagro Butella

With over four decades of experience as a professional nail technician and manicurist, Milagros has developed her own style and flair when it comes to ensuring each of her clients is completely satisfied with their visit.
Today, she shares her talents and experience with the clients and team of beauty professionals at Ecstasy Salon and Spa.

Celia Mirabal

Celia’s passion for beauty was sparked early on in her life, leading her to the Praxis Institute, where she became certified as a Full Specialist.
With 14 years of experience as a manicurist and wax specialist, Celia’s precise and practiced skills, as well as her genuine love for the industry and her profession, ensure clients are fully satisfied with their visit to Ecstasy Salon and Spa.
Celia Mirabal

Susset Gonzalez

Suset is a certified manicurist and nail specialist whose love for the beauty industry inspired her to continue her studies and become a graduate of Cosmetology from the English Center.
Her multi-faceted skills as a cosmetologist and manicurist allow her to provide clients of Ecstasy Salon and Spa with a unique and thoroughly satisfying experience, prompting many to return for her expert services.


Massage Therapist
With a wealth of knowledge across varying areas of muscular therapy, Maria brings over 27 years of experience to Ecstasy Salon. She has received extensive training in her field and continues to grow her expertise by remaining aware of any new techniques or advances in the world of muscular therapy.
At Ecstasy Salon and Spa, she helps ensure clients feel their absolute best each time they visit her space.